ImageInBox is conceived

ImageInBox is just conceived in March 2017 by an Indian writer and a photographer. Isn’t this a good combination because I think words and images complement each other?

The photographer is the winner of the Pink Lady Food Photography award 2016 for one of the sections and an acclaimed food photographer from India. This is the winning photo that I am writing about.

Krishanu chatterjee_  Handful of Fish_High Res Finalist Image.JPG

Well you can visit his website to know the rest as his images speaks louder than my words. I will reveal more about him and his work in due time… and believe me they are just WOW.

The writer is an amateur writer who has contributed to a few anthologies and also contributes for the great Satyajeet Ray’s regional magazine called “Shondesh”. She even blogs

So what was the thought behind ImageInBox?

Both of them often indulge in discussion of what’s going on in the field of photography or art or Himalayas or in Gond’s life. But seldom have they found participants for such discussion. What could be the reason?

The writer is very keen on learning about mysteries of Indian culture including architecture, folk art and dance, folk games and so on but where can she find more information?

They travel to unusual places in India and come back with a lot of stories and photographs. When people see these photographs or listen to what they have to tell, even they want to explore those areas but they do not share such information with anyone because they don’t want the serenity of such places to be burnt or the naïve locals to be exploited with the footsteps of tourists. Then what is in their mind? Whom will they take along?

Being an upcoming or small market, photography and art business has a tough competition in India. Also, capitalism has given a lot of growth opportunities to the astute, leaving real talents behind because may be they don’t have money to lobby or maybe they are not polished enough to sell them first and then their work. Then how do such people get work to survive?

Think…Think…Think… and stay tuned to ImageInBox to get triggered.